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Chapter 11

  • While I was on the trip I could not forget Elisa, I saw her for the second time.  When we first met, I didn't fall asleep then and that very day if I could just hug Elisa during those hours.  But I restrained myself because I had no right to her.
  • Now for the second time, I don’t expect to see her again.  I can say that my love for my girlfriend is still there.  I want to reciprocate her hug because she just doesn't know how much I miss her so much.  But I didn't expect to see her with a man and based on my analysis of that man, it was said that she owned Elisa.
  • Since I left Manila, my life has changed when I met Christine, the daughter of a well-known businessman.  The first time we met at the Restaurant where I work because the owner was a friend of hers, I knew she was looking at me.  Until my friend was invited and forced to come with me, Christine and I planned to be together.
  • You have to hold my child accountable because you will like what I do to you and your family.
  • I will never forget that day because it destroyed all my dreams for Elisa and me.  They insisted on marrying me because what happened to Christine and me might pay off.  But until now she is still not pregnant.  My parents have no problem because I can give them a good life now, money from illegals because of Christine's father's secret income.
  • Little did I know that I was in the big mansion where we lived.  Entering my car I immediately took it to the parking lot.  When I got out of the car I went inside and immediately saw Christine sitting on the couch talking on a cellphone.  I sat down next to her and leaned back.
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