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Chapter 27

  • I didn’t expect to see Elisa at Mr. Ferrer's house I know him but he doesn’t know who I am.  My identity is secret to others, so I was free to go on that occasion.  I plan to gather news or get information from Javier and I also think that Javier will come here.  But I didn’t expect it to include Elisa.
  • As soon as they arrived and Alex and I were waiting, I saw Elisa get out of the car.  I was angry with Javier and if I could I would have shot him for holding on to, Elisa.  I held back because I couldn’t take a step that would harm us especially neither, Elisa.
  • It wasn't a joke that I entered the place and I only made a few mistakes and finished my plan.  I looked for an opportunity to approach Elisa, I had no intention of introducing myself to her I just wanted to approach her.  But I didn’t expect her to kiss me.  I felt something in my chest so I couldn’t move right away.
  • The second time I looked forward to her because I had a strong desire to see her again.  I couldn’t stop myself from showing up to her especially when I saw how happy she was to see me.
  • "Boss, I'm sure Javier now thinks you're here."
  • I was stunned in deep thought while sitting here in the car, we left immediately there at the event because someone was following us.
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