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Chapter 20

  • From the moment I left Christine, house because of what happened I came here with Javier because I found out that he was back.  We had reconciled since I got to know her as Christine’s brother, included me in activities I had never done in my entire life, and taught me how to fight and how to use a gun.  With him, I also know Smael and his personality.
  • So I know Smael's personality and I don't expect him to be with Elisa now, I don't even know what happened to Elisa when she came here to Manila.  Because I only knew one, she was looking for me because I hadn’t felt in a few months.
  • Now I am standing here in front of the woman I have dedicated dreams to and put in my heart and mind that she is the only woman who is for me.  All of that was gone in an instant and it was because of me.
  • I didn't expect to reach the room where Javier locked Elisa, I found out that Christine was hurting Elisa.  I was just taking the time to see and talk to Elisa, so when I saw Javier leave I went here.
  • "Elisa," I softly called to her as she crouched on the edge of the couch while crouching on her knees.  I heard her faint cry crushing my heart.
  • I turned to the door which was now quiet, maybe Christine had left.  Slowly I approached Elisa and knelt in front of her.
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