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Chapter 68 Please Stay

  • Upon hearing Aryana's booming voice, Annalise felt her heart skip a beat. Her eyes were filled with sympathy when she turned around to look at Lucas, who was now standing beside her.
  • Lucas immediately stepped back, inching closer to the front door, and got himself ready to escape at any moment.
  • At the same time, Aryana ran down the stairs with a bracelet in her hand. Her chest heaved as she struggled to contain her anger.
  • She pointed her finger at the young man and then at her bracelet before yelling, “Lucas, where's the diamond on my bracelet?”
  • Annalise observed the bracelet closely and noticed that the shiny, luxurious accessory had been reduced to an empty shell.
  • Everyone shifted their gazes toward the man who was standing at the door.
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