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Chapter 61 A Special Hairstyle

  • “I'm sorry, Uncle Claudio. I'll go dye my hair right now,” Lucas begged.
  • Annalise was someone who held grudges. At the thought of Lucas asking the housekeepers to capture her, she gleefully said, “Darling, let's shave his head to teach him a lesson.”
  • Hearing that, Aryana glared at Annalise. What a troublemaker.
  • Claudio felt his heart skip a beat when he heard Annalise call him “darling.”
  • He turned around to look at her, only to realize that she was looking forward to seeing Lucas' bald head.
  • Panicked, Aryana said, “Claudio, didn't you just mention that Luca should get married soon? You can't shave his head. If... If he's too ugly, no one would want to marry him.”
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