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Chapter 14 Sneak Attack

  • Dominic said solemnly, “Claudio, you better listen to your old man. You have half an hour to come back.”
  • With that, he hung up the phone angrily.
  • He gestured at his daughter-in-law, who was standing frozen beside him, and said, “Wait here, Annalise. I've asked Claudio to come back and apologize to you.”
  • “Oh no. That's not necessary, Dad.” Annalise shook her head vehemently. After all, I was the one who provoked him first.
  • Indeed, Claudio came back after a short while.
  • As soon as he entered the house, he saw his young wife hiding behind Dominic.
  • From Claudio's perspective, she was acting pitiful to win his father's sympathy.
  • At the receiving end of that death stare, Annalise could hear her heart beating loudly.
  • What if he comes forward and says that I called him a little boy just now?
  • Annalise's eyes twinkled as an idea struck her. She immediately greeted him with a smile, “Darling, you're back!”
  • Claudio glanced at Annalise, whose expression had changed in the blink of an eye. Moments earlier, she was calling me Mr. Jundt or little boy. Now, I'm suddenly her darling?
  • “Get lost!”
  • “Darling, I'm sorry!” Annalise apologized sincerely.
  • She decided to act meekly for the time being. No matter what Claudio would say, she would grit her teeth and deny her wrongdoings.
  • “Claudio Jundt, did I teach you to bully your wife like this?” Dominic fumed.
  • Claudio was at a loss for words, as his father had let rip at him the moment he entered the house.
  • Nonetheless, he decided not to tattletale on Annalise. Shrugging her off with disgust, he sat alone on the couch and said, “Just spit it out.”
  • “Apologize to Annalise.”
  • Claudio stared at Annalise intently, and Annalise couldn't help but feel guilty. I'm the one who's at fault here. Why does he need to apologize to me? I was the one who provoked him first.
  • Annalise did not dare to stay any longer. She decided to end this conversation quickly. “We're a couple, so there's no need to apologize. Dad, you shouldn't be angry either. Since Claudio is back, you guys should have a good chat. I'll return to my room first.”
  • Without waiting for anyone to reply, Annalise darted off like a rabbit escaping from the predators.
  • After retreating to safety, Annalise leaned against the door and let out a sigh of relief. Good thing I run fast.
  • At noon, realization dawned on Annalise after she thought about the matter for half an hour. In this family, she could not afford to offend Dominic. Strictly speaking, she needed his support. My childishness has left a bad impression on Dominic last night. What if he finds out that I've been calling Claudio a little boy? I'm doomed if I piss Dominic off too. Well, not just Dominic. I shouldn't push my luck with Claudio either.
  • Annalise knew that she would be in deep trouble for the foreseeable future if she crossed the lines with Claudio far too many times.
  • Nevertheless, it was easier said than done for her. I have a fiery temper too. What if I can't hold back?
  • Suddenly, someone pushed the door open with too much force, causing Annalise to stumble. She immediately stood up and turned around to see the man who had appeared.
  • “Oh, hello!” Annalise raised her hand and greeted Claudio with a smile. “Mr. Jundt?”
  • Claudio had never met such a person who could lie through her teeth.
  • He was so infuriated by the woman standing in front of him that he raised his hand and squeezed the back of her neck.
  • “Trying to sneak up on me, huh?”
  • Annalise could not raise her head. “Let me go, Claudio!”
  • Claudio took another step closer to Annalise. Her head was in front of his lower abdomen at that moment.
  • Despite being stuck in a helpless situation, Annalise did not show her weakness. She raised her hands defiantly and pinched Claudio's wrists. “Let me go!”