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Chapter 13 Do You Have A Death Wish

  • Claudio was wondering what the Guivers were up to when Annalise suddenly called him.
  • He did not know that it was Annalise's number. However, as soon as Claudio picked up the phone, a cheerful “Mr. Jundt” sounded from the other end of the call. His temples throbbed. “Annalise!”
  • “Hey, Mr. Jundt! Your father wants you to go home because he has something to tell you.”
  • Since Annalise had already bared her teeth, it would be hypocritical for her to play nice now. Furthermore, it was the best way to deal with Claudio's sharp tongue. Hence, she decided to give Claudio the nickname “Mr. Jundt.”
  • Hearing Claudio's annoyed tone over the phone, Annalise reckoned that he did not like the nickname at all.
  • Claudio clenched his phone and tried to rein in his anger. “Annalise, say that again if you dare!”
  • “Mr. Jundt. Mr. Jundt. Mr. Jundt. There you go. So what now? Come back home if you dare!”
  • Claudio swallowed hard as he narrowed his eyes. He could hear Annalise's satisfaction in her voice.
  • Good. Very good. What a scheming woman. She's trying to provoke me so that I will go home. Like hell I will!
  • Pretending to be calm, Claudio hung up the phone.
  • Soon afterward, Annalise called him again. “Mr. Jundt, are you angry? Why are you angry? I wasn't furious when you said that I'm short. Are you mad because I called you Mr. Jundt? Come on! Men are so petty. I wasn't wrong for calling you that since you're much older than me. Or do you prefer being called a little boy instead? Hey! Claudio! Are you still there? Hello?”
  • The call ended abruptly again.
  • Annalise took the phone away from her ear and looked at the dark screen with disdain. “No way. Isn't he supposed to be the king of the business world? Why is he so petty? What's wrong with calling you 'Mr. Jundt'? You're so old. I'm going to keep calling you until you lose your cool!”
  • She continued to bombard Claudio with an onslaught of calls, but each time he hung up directly.
  • Not giving up without a fight, Annalise decided to call him again. However, she could not reach him this time.
  • “Damn it. He just blocked my number.”
  • When Annalise returned to the Jundt residence, she used the landline to call Claudio again.
  • At that moment, Claudio had just arrived at the conference room.
  • Seeing that it was called from home, he immediately answered the call. Then, a familiar, yet infuriating voice rang out from the phone. “Hello, little boy! Your dad asked you to return home to have a chat with him. Are you coming—”
  • Beep. Beep. Beep.
  • A moment later, his phone rang again. “Annalise, do you have a death wish?”
  • “Claudio Jundt! Is this how you talk to your wife?” Dominic roared. He had just come downstairs when he saw his new daughter-in-law sitting forlornly in the living room while talking on the phone.
  • He had found out that Annalise was calling Claudio on his behalf when he asked her. “Dad, I heard that you have something to discuss with Claudio, but he left. So, I wanted to call him to return home.”
  • Do you hear that? I'm such a great daughter-in-law!
  • Dominic reached out to touch Annalise's cheek affectionately. Looking at the sincerity in her eyes, he couldn't help but like her a little more. This kid went through all the troubles just for me. Indeed, I have something to say to Claudio.
  • Therefore, Dominic had taken the initiative to call Claudio. Yet he did not expect to hear his son cursing furiously the moment he answered the phone.
  • “Claudio Jundt, you better come back here and apologize to Annalise!” he thundered.
  • Annalise was so frightened that she shivered involuntarily. However, she could not help but wonder what Claudio had said to make Dominic lose his cool like that.