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Chapter 116 Commotion In The Hospital Room

  • In a little less than an hour, everyone in the nurse station found out that Claudio, who was known as being a stern person, had bought snacks for Annalise to kill time.
  • When Annalise went out to get some water, she could catch the discreet glances from the nurses.
  • Upon returning to the ward, she said, “Darling, you go and fetch water next time around. Everybody was watching me.”
  • Claudio asked, “Why were they looking?”
  • Annalise then told him everything that she had eavesdropped on. “They were talking in private about how good you are to me because you've bought me snacks. They said that you are different from the image you've portrayed on the television.”
  • Hearing that, the corner of Claudio's lips curled up, and he replied, “Is that a bad thing?”
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