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Chapter 99 The Woman In The Photo

  • “Silly girl.” He then motioned for me to sit by his side.
  • Without a hint of hesitation, I stood up from the couch and walked toward him.
  • “You have to be confident in every situation. Only when you have confidence, then the others would be afraid of you.” He pulled me to sit on his lap. Having gotten used to his scent and embrace, I relaxed in his arms.
  • “But I just don't have it. What should I do?” I asked as I looked into his eyes. If I was honest with myself, I was terrified when I was confronting Tiana; I was scared that they would realize I wanted to flee the scene.
  • With a smile, Augustus ran his fingers through my hair. “You have more to learn.”
  • As always, his words were useful advice for me. At his words, I leaned further into his arms and mumbled, “I can take my time learning since I'm by your side.” Raising my head to touch his chin with the top of my head, I continued, “Don't you think that I've improved a lot since then? Previously, I managed to muster up the courage to hit Yvette, and I even cut her hair. Also, I frightened the living daylights out of those four girls just now.”
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