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Chapter 241 Accusations

  • “That's right, I don't believe you!” Monica's voice raised an octave. “I'm leaving this place anyway, so what does it matter if everybody knows about this? Come on, Erica. There's no shame in sleeping your way up. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right?”
  • What Monica said was true. While it's hardly unheard of for one to trade sexual favors for advancement, it sure doesn't justify what she did.
  • “For the last time, I'd never do something like this. It's beneath me and against my principles. I'm not like you, Monica; I don't lust after power and money the way you do,” I looked at Monica coldly before directing my attention at the rest of the onlookers. “And you guys - I hope you know you're chasing shadows if you believe what Monica just said about me. But it doesn't matter, not anymore. I couldn't care less about what you people think of me.”
  • With that, I promptly turned and left without a backward glance. Once upon a time, I might've given a d*mn about these people and how they see me. But now, they're nothing more than a bunch of gossipy and ignorant fools.
  • Unfortunately, Monica caught up with me before I could head back to my workstation. “Don't you dare leave!” She grabbed my arm, relentless in her pestering. “What's the matter? Don't want to kiss and tell? You've been telling everyone just now how wonderful and capable your boyfriend is. If he's really the one who helped you, why don't you get him here now and parade him around, huh?”
  • Exasperation bubbled in me. There was just no reasoning with her when she was being so shrew-like. “No, thank you.” I pulled my arm out of her grasp. “Whether I have a boyfriend isn't the crux of the issue. If you are convinced that I've slept my way up, then nothing I say or do will make you believe otherwise.”
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