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Chapter 98 His Arrival

  • Their sarcastic words were a weight on my chest. My head was lowered, but I was aggrieved by the situation.
  • Who do they think they are to keep looking down on me? Abruptly, I snapped my head upward, the fury in my eyes burning bright.
  • “Oh? Look at dear Erica. She's upset from our words.” The very sight of Tiana nauseated me.
  • Slap! The sound echoed in the small space. Startled, everyone fell silent and stared at me.
  • I had been unable to bear with their words anymore, so I had slapped her. In seconds, a bright red handprint emerged on Tiana's face.
  • The mere sight of it seemed painful. It was as if I was addicted to hitting others, for it seemed like a frequent occurrence recently. All I needed to do was raise my hand and land it on the cheek. No hesitation from my side at all.
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