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Chapter 97 The Girls From Phoenix

  • When they saw me staring at them, the few girls became more disinterested. Tiana stretched and yawned. “Erica, you said your class starts at nine, so that means you're done with class, right?”
  • With a mocking smile, she exchanged a look with the other three girls, hinting at them to go along with her.
  • The other girls were quick to understand what Tiana wanted to do. “Erica's different now; she's now a teacher! What do teachers do best? They always keep the students around even when class time is over!”
  • Hearing Lily's words, everyone began laughing. Within seconds, the few of them had isolated me. They're getting out of hand with how arrogant they are.
  • With a chuckle, I said, “Stand up.”
  • Perhaps it was because I had used that tone with them, the four girls shared a look before standing up. However, the arrogance in their eyes was still visible.
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