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Chapter 96 Training

  • I thought I would be able to suppress them by using Augustus's name. Just as I turned around to leave Mannie's office, Felicia decided to speak up.
  • “I'm afraid you have no say in that, Erica,” Felicia said connivingly. She gave me a mocking smile and said, “I knew that only Augustus can order you around, and that's why I've already approached him about this.”
  • I was taken aback for a moment. I questioned her, “Augustus knows about this?” There was no doubt I was stuck in a difficult position right now.
  • Sonia, who had not spoken a word the whole time, smiled and said softly, “According to Mr. Adler, you don't have much on your plate right now. So he'll leave it to Mannie to arrange for the training.”
  • It had been such a long time for Sonia to speak to me with such gentleness. For some reason, I found that weird and unnatural. And since when did Sonia picked Felicia's side?
  • I thought that Mannie would be the one to back me up the most in this situation. So I looked at her and sought solace in knowing she had the power to protect me.
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