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Chapter 95 Sabotage

  • I always thought that Augustus gave me special treatment. Otherwise, why would he take me back to Phoenix to have my revenge before Phoenix went into liquidation? Wouldn't it be better to shut down Phoenix for good? I made Augustus a hearty meal as gratitude for helping me with my revenge. He gobbled up the food and made it clear to me there was nothing to be grateful for. Augustus said that he didn't have much free time to orchestrate that good show for me. His indifferent attitude gave me no choice but to believe what he said. Perhaps everything had always been my wishful thinking.
  • My gratitude towards Augustus accumulated little by little. Before I knew it, I started to develop feelings for him, and it was spiraling out of control. I began to look forward to seeing Augustus in MIX, and I would search for him in the crowd. To make matters worse, I would think about his whereabouts when I was home alone.
  • It was a terrible feeling, and I could no longer think straight. One day, I found a chance to chat with Josephine about my growing feelings for Augustus. Josephine was a relationship expert. After I poured my heart out to her about my relationship with Augustus, she shook her head and smiled faintly at me.
  • “Listen to me, Erica. Don't think too much of it. Someone like Augustus is not in our league.” Josephine's eyes were filled with clarity and open-mindedness.
  • I lowered my head and mumbled, “Then what do you call the relationship between Mr. Adler and me?” I tilted my head and thought before asking differently, “What's this feeling that I have for Mr. Adler? Is that love?”
  • Josephine just shook her head. She reached out and flicked my forehead with her fingers and said with a smile, “You've never been in a relationship before, so what do you know about love? As I said, you're not in love with him. You're just emotionally dependent on him. It's only natural for you to feel that way when you have someone powerful looking out for you.”
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