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Chapter 93 Grudges

  • Seeing that I had been silent for a while, the barman sighed and said, “Erica, although Tiger has fled to the other states, but mind you, he's still powerful. You'd better watch out for yourself.”
  • I mumbled a response and gave him a grateful glance. Just as I was about to speak, a familiar voice came from behind me.
  • “Oh, isn't this our innocent Erica? Look what the cat dragged in. So what's a hotshot like you doing here? Did you do something wrong that made the renowned MIX kick you out?” I didn't need to turn around to look to know who it was. I could recognize Yvette's harsh and mean voice from anywhere.
  • The barman looked confused, so I gave him a reassuring smile. “I haven't got the chance to tell you this earlier. I'm working at MIX now.”
  • MIX's popularity was well-known to everyone. The barman, who meant well, smiled at me and replied, “That's good. It'll serve as an anchor for you. This way, you don't have to go into hiding anymore.” When he looked over, he saw Yvette glaring menacingly at him. So he quickly made an excuse to leave the room.
  • After the barman had left, I turned around to size her up. I noticed that she was wearing a red skirt today, and she was as revealing as always. The heavily made-up Yvette sashayed to my side and sneered at me, “Why are you so pitiful, Erica? Why is there another man sticking up for you again?” She looked at the barman's disappearing shadow and grinned maliciously at me.
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