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Chapter 92 Refuge

  • I saw Summer. Waving her hand, she told me she was living a good life now. Thanks to Liam, who had been the straw that broke the camel's back, she was able to leave MIX. Then, Sonia came into view. Her bright smile gave me a deep sense of relief. I guessed I was the blessed one, for I was able to take refuge being with Augustus. As the days crawled by, I realized I no longer had to live with trepidation.
  • Suddenly, an ear-piercing ringtone roused me from my slumbers. In a daze, I cracked open my eyes. It was already noon. Maybe I dreamt of what I desire. A smile spread across my face.
  • Since Augustus allowed me to sleep in, I had a good sleep despite the fact that he was not by my side.
  • Rubbing my eyes, I placed my phone next to my ear and mumbled, “Jackson, why are you calling me so early today?”
  • His voice was energetic as ever. “Erica, look out the window. The sun's up and shining. It's time to wake up.”
  • Turning my head, I took the remote control to open the curtains. The dazzling sunlight shone through the window and into the room. Gazing at the azure blue sky through lidded eyes, I stretched myself on the bed, feeling delighted.
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