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Chapter 91 An Unfair World

  • Afterward, we continued shopping. Glancing around leisurely, I caught Augustus gazing at me with a smile.
  • “Why are you looking at me like that?” After a long while, I noticed that something was off, as he had been staring at me.
  • With a brow raised and a devilish expression, he teased, “Why didn't you explain to the middle-aged woman just now?” His grin wasn't friendly but carried a trace of mischief.
  • My cheeks flushed in a second. He heard everything. For a moment, my voice was stuck in my throat because I had no idea why I didn't deny it. I should've told the middle-aged woman that Augustus isn't my boyfriend.
  • I answered mechanically, “I was too lazy to explain myself.” Scurrying away to a fridge, I took a tub of yogurt and lifted it in the air. “Mr. Adler, can I buy this yogurt?” As soon as I asked, I realized that my question was a little inappropriate.
  • Standing in a supermarket, Augustus attracted countless glances of admiration from the other shoppers. Now that I had asked this question, even more people stole glances at us now. It made Augustus appear like a penny-pinching man, while I looked like a girlfriend who was mistreated by him.
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