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Chapter 89 My First Friend

  • I was puzzled by her choice. Even if I put myself in her shoes, I would not have chosen to harm myself in such a manner. While her choice was a heavy blow to Hamilton Corporation and had caused their family to lose face, Jojo herself also had to suffer because of it. In my opinion, her sacrifice was not worth it.
  • However, I was merely an outsider who had no right to judge someone else's life. Thus, I shrugged and said, “Although I disagree with what you did, I'm not you. So, as long as you think you're right, that's enough.”
  • She smiled, no longer as indignant as when she first walked in. She patted me on the shoulder and grinned. “Erica, I've never told the others about my past. I'd always felt that I was different from them and did not want to talk to them. But you're different. I like you. Maybe we can be friends.”
  • At that moment, there was a strange yet nostalgic and wonderful feeling in the room. Just like how one made friends when they were kids, she extended a hand toward me. I smiled widely and nodded enthusiastically. “I'd love that, Jojo,” I said as I held out my hand solemnly.
  • She patted my hand and laughed. “Since we're friends now, you can call me by my name next time. Josephine.”
  • In the days to come, there were countless times where I felt grateful that I did not put on makeup that one morning. It was the reason that I became Josephine's listening ear when she was at her most vulnerable. Ever since then, I have had a friend. Josephine was my first friend in MIX.
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