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Chapter 88 Your Real Name

  • “Who did I offend?” she asked, snorting coldly. Then, she continued lightly, “I'm afraid I didn't offend someone outside, but my family instead!”
  • I was stunned by her words. What does she mean? When other girls chatted in the break room, they usually mentioned some things about their family. However, from what I knew, Jojo had never mentioned her family before.
  • “Is it because your family doesn't like that you're working in this industry?” I asked softly. But even if they're not happy with her occupation, they shouldn't do such a thing.
  • She sneered, a bright flame burning in her eyes. “Erica, have you ever heard of Hamilton Corporation?”
  • Hamilton Corporation... I think I've seen this name in a financial magazine in Mr. Adler's office before.
  • I nodded. “I've heard of it. I think they're a listed company in our city.” But what's this got to do with her?
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