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Chapter 87 I Will Be Back Soon

  • Augustus glanced over at me and said disapprovingly, “It's all over.”
  • I then asked, “Does she mean a lot to you?” For some reason, I desperately wanted to know what kind of person Augustus liked.
  • “It's all in the past; I let her down,” he said expressionlessly, looking into the distance.
  • Although he appeared calm, I noticed a slight frown on his eyebrows that I had not seen before. It turns out that the strong Mr. Adler also has his own regrets.
  • “Mr. Adler, what exactly happened between you two?” I asked. In the past, Mom always reproached me for asking too many questions, saying that it was not a good habit.
  • There must be some sentimental love story between him and that lady. There's no other reason for his sad and uneasy expression when she was mentioned. After all, he usually had on a strong front.
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