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Chapter 85 Reconciliation

  • As Jackson said, the bar we went to was quiet and the vibe was peaceful. This was new to me and the bar had my curiosity piqued. I believed it was true when people said that birds of the same feather flocked together. Like Jackson, his friends were also an outgoing and cheerful lot.
  • After getting to know them, I found out that the group actually formed their own amateur sports team. They would gather for some games whenever they had time.
  • “I really like sports too! I always feel good after a good workout.” Despite how exercising could be tiring, doing sports helped me destress.
  • One of them in a grey baseball attire nudged Jackson on the shoulder. “I didn't know your girlfriend plays sports too. I bet she's as good as you.”
  • Jackson elbowed him and lowered his voice. “Erica and I are just friends.”
  • I knew friends like to joke between themselves, and it was not like they had any bad intentions, so I just shrugged and smiled.
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