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Chapter 84 A Perfect Outing

  • I thought a carefree and outspoken person like Jackson would not realize the subtle change in my expression, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.
  • He turned out to be highly observant and understanding. “I'm gonna order ahead if you have a problem making up your mind.” His lips parted in a wide smile, showing his row of neat pearly whites.
  • He scanned the menu and ordered a few dishes without being wishy-washy. His polite demeanor when dealing with the waiter impressed me too. I had to agree that family background and upbringing had a lasting effect on a person's character and bearing.
  • After the waiter left, Jackson turned back toward me. “This meal's on me, Erica,” he said cheekily like he was a high-school boy.
  • His enthusiasm embarrassed me beyond measure since I offered to pay for the meal last time.
  • Jackson was quick to pick up on my uneasiness and he assured me. “Come on, stop treating me like a stranger. I'm a big eater, so I'll pay. If you really insist on buying me a meal, we can grab some snacks later in the night.”
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