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Chapter 83 The Summer Sun After The Rain

  • Augustus saw the disgruntlement on my face and called out to me as I turned.
  • “Anything else, Mr. Adler? If not, I'm going back to my room and repent.”
  • He acknowledged my dissatisfaction with a condescending sneer. “Are you seriously throwing a tantrum? Didn't I tell you to never challenge me?”
  • I took a deep breath, trying to tamp down my anger. “But of course, I would never have the guts to do so. How will I ever forget the fact that I'm actually nothing to you? There's no way I can do anything contrary to your wishes. Since you said I stole the ring, then let it be so. What's the use of explaining myself since your word is the truth?” Somehow, I still ended up spilling all my emotions.
  • He narrowed his eyes as he surveyed me. I could sense the blazing fury in his gaze scalding my body. “Turns out you do know your place, Erica Whitlock. You don't have to go to MIX anymore. Just stay at home and reflect on your mistake.”
  • “Sure.” I knew what this meant for me. He wanted me to make myself scarce.
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