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Chapter 82 More Misunderstanding

  • It turned out that not only did he not prove me innocent, but he confirmed the theft allegation.
  • “What!” My eyes widened and my voice went shrill. “Mr. Adler bought the ring?”
  • Nobody would believe my innocence at this rate, then! My thoughts were going wild, but Zayne simply looked at me calmly.
  • “Do you have any idea how much Mr. Adler spent to get this settled?”
  • I instantly understood what he meant. That I should be grateful everything got sorted out, but honestly, there was no way I could accept their way of solving the problem. “Why should I admit to a crime I didn't commit? I know money is not an issue for Mr. Adler, but now that he has bought the ring, there's no way I'll be able to clear my name again.”
  • My words seemed to strike a nerve in Zayne. He glared at me and spoke slowly, “Ms. Whitlock, your innocence means nothing. All the evidence points to you as the thief. Unless you buy it, there's no way you can be released.”
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