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Chapter 80 A Delightful Shopping Experience

  • A few doormen approached us the moment they saw Olivia, and I could see subservience brimming in their eyes.
  • It was not like I did not see this coming. After all, Olivia was a potential customer, and pleasing her would mean better pay for them.
  • “It's a pleasure to serve you, Ms. Yarlett. It's been a long time since your last visit! Would you like to take a look at our latest apparel and bags?” One of the employees who just checked her makeup came over and asked. I reckoned that she must be really excited to see Olivia since I could see some lipstick stain on her teeth.
  • I gazed at Olivia and realized she had put on a totally different face. She looked classy and aloof now.
  • She glanced at the lady with her chin held high. “Where are the items from the latest season? My friend and I would like to have a look.”
  • I followed after her and played my role faithfully as her friend. Olivia had asked me earlier on to pick up some tricks about shopping at a luxury brand outlet, but it seemed to me that there was nothing for me to learn.
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