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Chapter 8 A Man More Dangerous Than Tiger

  • I grabbed onto his arm tightly the moment I heard him soften up a little and pleaded anxiously, “I hit their boss, and I'll be dead if they catch me! Please help me get out of here!”
  • “Who did you hit?”
  • “Tiger. I don't know if you've heard of him, but... I really didn't mean to do that! Please help me, mister! I'm begging you!” I wasn't sure of how I could explain the incident to him clearly, so I simply clung to his arm for dear life.
  • He tried really hard to push me off, but to no avail.
  • Eventually, I heard him let out a helpless sigh as he said, “Drive us home, Colter...”
  • “Yes, Mr. Adler,” the man named Colter replied respectfully and started the car.
  • When Tiger's men heard the engine being started, they quickly blocked our path by standing in front of the car and refused to budge unless I surrendered myself.
  • “What do we do now, Mr. Adler?” Colter asked calmly.
  • The man next to me snorted and said coldly, “Just drive.”
  • Wait... Does he intend to ram into those men? I don't know where this man gets his courage from, but those are Tiger's men we're talking about! Even if that isn't the case, doing so would still result in them being disabled, if not dead! Could it be that this man is much more dangerous than Tiger?
  • Oh boy, what is with my luck!
  • Colter did as he was told and floored the accelerator without any hesitation. The engine roared, and the men quickly jumped out of the way before running after us with sticks like clowns at a circus.
  • Mr. Adler let out a chuckle in response and seemed to be in a good mood.
  • We were soon out of that street, and I let out a sigh of relief as I slumped weakly against the seat.
  • I thought about thanking Mr. Adler for his help, but decided to save it for later when I saw him resting with his eyes closed.
  • Having gone through such an eventful night, I was a little tired and fell asleep to the relaxing jazz music on the radio and the constant shaking motion of the car.
  • In my dreams, Tiger, Hayes, and Yvette had me surrounded and refused to let me go no matter how much I begged for mercy. They beat me up and poured liquor on my open wounds, causing me to scream in pain as I waved my arms frantically to keep them away.
  • “She's burning up with a fever, Mr. Adler.” I heard a gentle female voice while drifting in and out of consciousness and tried my best to open my eyes, only to realize I had no strength to even move a muscle. To make matters worse, I was aching all over my body as my body temperature fluctuated.
  • “Okay, call me when her fever has subsided.” His voice faded along with his footsteps. I mustered every ounce of my remaining strength to open my eyes by a crack, but only caught a glimpse of his tall, broad figure before he disappeared into the distance.
  • The woman then placed a cold wet towel over my forehead, and I felt myself slowly calm down before drifting off into sleep again.