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Chapter 79 A Frenemy

  • Much to my surprise, everyone busied themselves with dinner and no one created trouble for me that evening. They chatted among themselves as if I was not even present—or to be precise—as if Augustus and I were not even there, not that I had anything to complain about that. As such, I ate quietly, hoping troubles would stay away as far as possible.
  • Right after everyone was done with the meal, Olivia shot me an overly enthusiastic gaze as she put down her cutlery. “Erica, why don't we go shopping together? There are a few outfits that I'd set my eyes on. Come and choose with me, won't you?”
  • A rigid smile hung on my lips at her request. I knew she was up to no good.
  • I stole a glance at Augustus, hoping that he could help me from sinking in the quicksand. After all, it would be impolite of me to turn Olivia down. But lo and behold, I was left utterly disappointed.
  • Augustus simply nodded his head back at me. “Olivia has a keen fashion sense. You should learn from her so that you'll know how to dress appropriately for big occasions.”
  • He must be kidding me. This is no different from sending me to the guillotine.
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