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Chapter 78 Anger And Sorrow

  • Julius returned his angry gaze. The situation looked like it might spiral out of control at any moment. I surveyed the room, praying fervently that Mr. Adler would not appear right then. As I looked around the room, I happened to meet Olivia's gaze. She seemed just the least bit triumphant.
  • Oh, so that was all a show? Maybe she played the pitiful daughter-in-law after noticing Julius' presence. I was confident right then that Julius' feelings for Olivia were far from platonic.
  • “Julius, don't make your brother mad.” Her eyes welled with tears as she tugged on Julius' shirt sleeve. She sniffed, “That was my first time cooking. The pumpkin soup may not have been to your brother's taste. It's ok. I can get up earlier tomorrow and try again.” She then turned her gaze upon Augustus as she pleaded, “Augustus, please don't be mad.”
  • Augustus' gaze cooled significantly. I could tell that his fury was fast approaching its boiling point.
  • Julius did not know when to cut his losses. Instead, he declared, “Augustus, Livy's a great woman. You shouldn't treat her like this.” The disapproval in his eyes was evident.
  • This was not the first time I had encountered Julius, though his behavior tonight surprised me. I had always thought of Julius as more of a weakling that had been coddled by Mr. Adler for years. Looks like he's got a spine after all. And it's full of thorns. While Augustus was unwelcoming to everyone, Julius only bared his claws when Olivia was in harm's way.
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