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Chapter 77 The Kitten Bares Her Claws

  • I met Augustus' gaze in the tight space of that car. The intimacy of the situation caused my heart to skip a beat.
  • Our gazes broke apart at the sound of a loud honk.
  • Augustus collected himself and began driving once more.
  • “My little kitten's baring her claws, I see,” he commented lightly.
  • Percy greeted us as we arrived at the Adler residence. He smiled as he welcomed Augustus. He froze slightly when he saw me. Turning to Augustus, he cautioned, “Mr. Augustus, Mr. Adler was quite angry last time. He's still recovering from the toll it took on his body. This may not be wise.”
  • Frowning, Augustus pulled me into him as he addressed Percy, “He was infuriated? I couldn't tell at all. He seemed to be in great spirits.”
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