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Chapter 75 Difficult Revelations

  • “I heard that you like coffee, so I read up a little on grinding methods for coffee beans!” I phrased my words jokingly, not wanting to expose how I had spent sleepless nights studying about coffee ever since I had discovered Augustus' love for the beverage.
  • My efforts paid off as he replied lightly, “It's not bad.”
  • Evidently, he was not going to spend the whole day praising me for the decent coffee. With a cold gaze in his eyes, he waved me away.
  • Dismissed, I went downstairs to hang out with my friends. I zoned out of the bland conversation.
  • Just then, my phone vibrated with an incoming message. It was a text from Augustus.
  • He wanted me to hitch a ride home with Colter after I ended work since he still had some matters to settle. I no longer entertained guests in my current role, and there was nothing more for me to do at midnight. Since he had offered to let me off early, I called Colter and asked him to fetch me from MIX.
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