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Chapter 73 Losing My Friends

  • Sonia appeared just as Heidi left the scene.
  • I was at a loss when I saw her. After all, we weren't on very good terms. I had no idea how to face her now that she's here.
  • Sonia smiled at me and brought me to a quiet corner. I wasn't sure if it was just me, but I had a feeling Sonia resents me since her smile didn't reach her eyes.
  • “Have a seat, Erica.” Sonia pointed at the couch.
  • I sat down upon her words as if I was a marionette. It felt a little awkward. I saw a pot of hot tea on the coffee table and poured a cup for myself and Sonia.
  • “Careful. It's hot.” I then brought the cup of hot tea to my mouth and blew on it.
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