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Chapter 71 Holding Hands And Growing Old Together

  • Augustus drove me home. While we were sitting in the car, I said nothing but only leaned closer against him.
  • Suddenly, I felt that Augustus put his hand around my shoulder. He then chuckled softly and said in a deep voice, “What's wrong?”
  • This time, I leaned my head against his chest straightforwardly and rubbed against it. A few seconds later, I said cutely, “Nothing. I only feel a little cold.” In fact, I felt that my heart froze whenever I recalled Summer's disgusting actions and expressions just now.
  • Augustus fell silent for a while before he hugged me tighter and said slowly, “You might feel colder when you come near me.”
  • I understood what he meant. After getting along with him for quite some time, I knew that his words were probably chilly, yet his actions would always make me feel warm. At times, I felt that interpersonal relationships were peculiar. For instance, the optimistic and cheerful Summer chose a pathway of life that I could have never imagined. Besides, it was beyond my expectation that a noble figure like Augustus would sit beside me in a car to drive me home.
  • I looked up at him smilingly and said in a sweet voice, “I'm not afraid. No matter how cold Mr. Adler is, you won't freeze me.”
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