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Chapter 70 Not Turning Back

  • “Why can she keep her virginity, yet I have to suffer humiliation?”
  • I couldn't help but turn to gaze at her upon hearing it. At this moment, I realized that I actually never understood her.
  • “Summer, is that what you really think?” I stared at her puzzledly.
  • Apparently, Summer didn't think she was wrong. She nodded and replied nonchalantly, “Yes, you're always lucky. Sonia took care of you when you worked in Phoenix back then. Now that you're in MIX, Mr. Adler has your back. What about me? Why must I live like a dog and pick up the bones that you left behind?” She asserted rudely while staring at me ferociously.
  • “I didn't know this is how you think about me,” I said while staring at her coldly, “I've misjudged you.”
  • Summer interrupted impatiently, “Alright, cut the crap.” The next moment, she turned to look at Liam and said coquettishly, “Mr. Lynch, what do you think about my suggestion?” She unexpectedly pulled down the shoulder strap of my dress and added playfully, “Do you wish to inspect her?”
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