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Chapter 69 Never Regard Her As Friend

  • Usually, we wouldn't disturb our guests and colleagues in private rooms to avoid ruining things. However, I was nervous this time and worried that something terrible would happen to Summer.
  • I stuck my ear against the door, trying to listen to what happened inside. A moment later, I vaguely heard that Summer said, “Mr. Lynch, I was wrong. Please spare me. I'm begging you. It won't happen very again. I'm a shameless b*tch. Mr. Lynch, if you let me go, I'm willing to serve you even in my next life.”
  • Apart from Summer's pitiful and desperate voice, I also heard that someone slapped her face repeatedly.
  • I wasn't aware of how dangerous it was inside the private room but knew that Summer would suffer badly if I didn't enter now.
  • “Open the door! Open the door!” I knocked on the door as loud as I could. Meanwhile, many colleagues and guests walked past me but didn't ask me what happened. Instead, they only cast a nonchalant glance at me as they passed by.
  • A moment later, someone probably couldn't stand my shrieks and opened the door. As I was caught off-guard, I sprang into the room, tripped over something, and fell to the floor.
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