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Chapter 68 Alarm Bells

  • Augustus seemed to have gotten used to my presence. After he was done with his meal, he beckoned at me with a finger and instructed me to clean up the delivery food packages before immediately resuming his work.
  • Not knowing how to bring up my concerns to him, I picked up a finance magazine from the coffee table and absentmindedly flipped through it. He had always been a studious person. Although he never said it out loud, I knew that he was pleased whenever I started reading to pass the time while waiting for him in his office.
  • He minded his own business and I minded my own. Occasionally, I would sneak a glance at Augustus lost in his work, and the sight would make my heart skip a beat. Time ticked by slowly. I eventually became invested in the magazine, and it was eleven o'clock when I finally finished reading it.
  • Done with his own work as well, Augustus put down his pen and swiftly rearranged the documents on his table.
  • “Did you want to tell me something?” he suddenly said, staring right through my soul.
  • My hands froze in mid-air as I moved to place the magazine back on the coffee table. “How did you know...”
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