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Chapter 67 When There Is A Will There Is A Way

  • “I'm sure you'll find a way to help me, Erica,” she pleaded, clutching onto my arm with a death grip. “What happened last time was my fault; I'd overheard other people gossiping and became jealous of your luck. Please, Erica, help me out just this once!”
  • Oh. I get it now. I'd thought that she'd come to me for help because I used to be her best friend, and she had no one else to turn to. Unfortunately, I was sorely mistaken. She merely thought that I could help because I had someone powerful with me: Augustus.
  • I didn't bother trying to clarify my relationship with him; after all, she'd clearly already drawn her own conclusions and would refuse to listen to anything else. So, I instructed her to lie that she was sick and take a few days off work to hide in the dorms. As for her request, I would try my best to help with whatever I could. But if I was truly powerless, then I was not going to push myself for her sake.
  • Summer's eyes instantly lit up. Perhaps she thought that I could work miracles, and one word from me to Augustus would solve all of her problems She thanked me over and over, reminding me to talk to him about this as soon as possible.
  • I'd agreed to help in a moment of weakness, but I had no idea how to break the topic to Augustus. Would he care about one of my ex-friend's problems?
  • Augustus came back later that night. I learned from the receptionists that he'd went straight up to his penthouse office after his arrival.
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