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Chapter 66 A Friend In Need

  • I was aware of the limits of my patience. The memory of Summer ignoring me while I nearly drowned was still burned into the back of my mind. As a result, my first reaction upon seeing her cry so horribly was not pity.
  • I slowly walked into the room and sat down, pouring out a cup of tea for myself.
  • I had been having bad headaches that came and went recently and hoped that some tea would help ease the pain.
  • Summer watched me in silence for a long while, finally grabbing ahold of my arm and nearly kneeling down in front of me after realizing that I wasn't going to say anything. “Erica, I know that what I did was wrong. Please be the bigger person and leave it in the past, okay?”
  • “I'm not being petty or anything, but I've already done my part by bringing you into MIX,” I explained, furrowing my eyebrows. “I don't want anything else to do with you, so don't think that I'll help you any more than I already have.” Sighing, I softened my tone slightly and added, “Remember the movie 'Captain America'?”
  • In the movie, there was a scene where one character said to Steve Rogers: “Stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.” The both of us used to love that movie and always quoted that one line to cheer each other up. I wouldn't have thought that I would one day quote this line to teach Summer a lesson.
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