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Chapter 65 Strength In Numbers

  • I later heard Colter talk about how Augustus had utterly, satisfyingly defeated the Yarletts in the business industry. Apparently, the Yarlett family's business had taken huge losses as a result of Augustus' meddling and seemed to be running into trouble everywhere they went. Naturally, I was delighted by the news. The suffering and pain Olivia made me go through were not to be taken lightly. The scars on my body might fade with time, but I would never be able to escape the trauma of those two days.
  • I was also concerned that Olivia would take out her anger on me and continue to cause trouble for me. If she decided to kidnap me once more, I doubted that I would be as lucky as the last time.
  • When Augustus noticed my sullen mood and inquired about it, I told him about my worries. He merely shook his head and said that I didn't understand the stakes at hand, and promised that Olivia wouldn't dare do such a thing. Not wanting him to think that I was being annoying, I'd relented, even though the anxiety I felt never went away. Sure, maybe I didn't understand the stakes of the business world, but would Olivia understand that she couldn't afford to rock the boat? In her eyes, it was always her way or the highway. There was no way her petty, narcissistic self would allow herself to be bullied like this.
  • Just as I'd expected, Olivia soon came to visit MIX when she knew that Augustus wasn't there.
  • Heidi was the one who told me that Olivia was looking for me, coming into my room looking scared and tripping over her own words as she talked. With a bad feeling in my gut, I told Heidi that if Olivia tried to take me away somewhere, she had to inform Augustus immediately. On the other hand, if Olivia didn't step out of line, then Heidi could stay hidden within the shadows. She nodded furiously, watching me get up and leave the room.
  • I made sure to smoothen out my clothes and check my hair as I walked by the mirror, not wanting to look unpresentable in front of my worst enemy.
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