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Chapter 64 Clearing Up Misunderstandings

  • I rarely saw Augustus after that. He went to work early and came back late. Sometimes, I would purposefully wait for him in the living room to try and talk to him, but he just gave me a frigid glance and went straight back to his bedroom every time, as if I was a random stranger who just happened to be living under the same roof as him. I felt hurt. But I also couldn't understand why he wouldn't kick me out if he hated me so much.
  • One night, things took a turn.
  • I was getting ready to go to bed when Augustus suddenly burst into my room. Startled by the sight of him, I sprang up from the bed and pulled on a sweater over my nightdress.
  • I stared at him uneasily, asking, “Mr. Adler? Why are you here?”
  • He sat himself down on the sofa in the room and patted the empty spot beside him. “Come here.”
  • The memory of his furious expression from that day was still fresh in my mind and had even plagued my dreams. Has he finally forgiven me? I hesitantly made my way over to him.
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