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Chapter 63 A Brief Respite

  • The drive on the highway was boring, and Jackson kept quiet throughout most of it. I started staring at the repetitive scenery whipping by outside to pass the time. Just as I was beginning to think that he wasn't willing to waste his energy talking to me, he suddenly spoke up.
  • “I don't fit in in that sort of that environment,” he repeated, pausing briefly as if deep in thought. “And I think you don't, too.”
  • I felt strangely emotional and disappointed; perhaps because I'd just barely escaped death.
  • “It doesn't matter whether I fit in there or not,” I chuckled bitterly. “I took one step into that place and now I can never leave.” Jackson wouldn't be able to understand my difficulties, and probably already thought of me as one of those immoral, loose people.
  • He kept his eyes trained on the road. “If you want, I could help you. You're completely physically able, and you're a university graduate. I could get you a job as a clerk at my family's company easily. I want to help you because I don't think you're that kind of girl.”
  • His words moved me even further. What had I done in my past life that had led me to meet so many kind, generous people one after the other these past few days?
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