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Chapter 62 What Do You Do

  • I found myself lying down in the back seat of a car by the time I woke up. The spacious car and my short stature made it possible for me to lie flat on my back with my legs fully extended.
  • There was a man in the driver's seat. Although I couldn't quite see who he was, it didn't take a genius to figure out he was the guy who saved me earlier. The situation I was in seemed to give me some sense of security, and I eased up a little knowing I was safe.
  • “You're finally awake? Thank goodness... I was going to take you to the hospital if you remained unconscious!” the man turned around and said with a bright smile when he saw me through the rear-view mirror.
  • I frowned for a bit as I tried to focus my gaze, and let out a chuckle when I got a clear view of his face. “Wait, you're that guy...” I paused in embarrassment from not being able to remember his name, but he didn't seem to mind at all.
  • “Finally, you remember me! Yes, it's me, Jackson from the sandwich bar yesterday! Haha, I didn't think we'd run into each other so many times in just two days!” he said while smacking his thigh excitedly. I could've sworn this guy had a set of teeth so neat and white that it would be a shame not to hire him for toothpaste commercials.
  • I flashed him a weak smile in response. “Thank you so much for saving me today... I might've died if it weren't for you...”
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