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Chapter 61 This Guy Looks Familiar

  • With that, I knew all hope was lost for me.
  • Tiger cocked his head back and roared with laughter when he saw those guys fleeing. “We're in a very remote location, and only the freight company knows about this warehouse, so no one else will be coming for you! You're completely helpless now!”
  • Tiger was right, and I found myself chuckling from the extreme fear and despair.
  • “What are you laughing about?” he asked.
  • “I'm laughing at you, silly! It's funny how you think you're so great when this is all you'll ever amount to in life! You're nothing but the lowest form of scum in society! If I ever get out of this alive today, I'll make sure to have my popcorn ready when you receive your karma!” I shouted angrily at him.
  • If words could kill, Tiger would probably have died a couple of times over by then.
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