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Chapter 60 No Escape

  • I didn't know how long I had been in that car, and not being able to see a thing made me all the more anxious. Where on earth is Olivia taking me? I've heard stories of crime syndicates that profit out of selling organs on the black market. Could this be how she plans on killing me? If so, then that would mean certain death for me!
  • In my moment of extreme fear, the image of a certain someone who could rescue me out of this mess popped into my head.
  • “Hey, can we take a short break or something after driving for so long? Ms. Yarlett won't know if we're slacking off anyway!” I heard one of the men ranting.
  • “What are you saying? Ms. Yarlett specifically instructed us to have her delivered to Baykeep before dawn! Are you taking responsibility if this screws up?” the other guy shouted.
  • Because it was an old car, the parts would rattle loudly whenever it went fast, so I had to prick my ears to clearly hear what they were saying.
  • Baykeep wasn't very far from our city, but it would still take about six to seven hours of driving to get there. The sky was just starting to turn dark when I left Uncle Kent's house earlier, and I had been held hostage in the abandoned warehouse for quite some time, so we should be arriving at our destination in about two to three hours. While I had no idea who they would hand me over to, I couldn't help but look forward to our arrival in Baykeep as I would have a chance at escaping if I could get help from people.
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