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Chapter 58 Ray Of Light

  • “Go for it, Brooke! Take her!” Those filthy words which permeated my ears, coupled with Scurvy's movement, left me wishing that I was dead.
  • As much as I wanted to struggle when Scurvy's massive paws seared upon my skin, the bindings on my limbs made this an impossible endeavor. “Wait. Hold up.” My urgency spurred a moment of inspiration.
  • I thought Scurvy would ignore me, but he surprisingly paused and leered at me expectantly, as though keenly interested to hear what I had to say.
  • “Don't listen to her, Brooke! Who knows what trickery this scheming lass could be up to!”
  • “Yeah, yeah. Play it safe and just give it to her!”
  • The truly foolish ones were usually arrogant to the point of being blind to their own shortcomings, and Scurvy was exactly like that. He adamantly refused to listen to the advice of his two brighter companions against his own better judgment.
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