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Chapter 57 Abducted

  • Not wishing to show my vulnerability in front of Kent in a bid to keep him from worrying, I said little more and parted ways hastily before setting off homeward.
  • It was a long walk from my uncle's place to the end of South Aigers, so I treated it as a trip down memory lane to revisit my childhood.
  • As I casually traversed the length of the alley, I saw the stone steps that I used to scuttle upon as a child. The green mold that mottled its surface evoked a certain wistfulness. Those days of innocence were as fleeting as the passing clouds- gone in a blink of an eye. My present circumstances made me long for those simpler times.
  • Halfway, I received a call from a number no one else knew about. Unless it was dialed by mistake, it could only be... I felt compelled to pick it up.
  • “Where are you?” He dispensed with formalities.
  • I felt a curious sense of attachment to Augustus' cold inflection. Could this be what they coined the Stockholm Syndrome?
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