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Chapter 55 To South Aigers

  • The lady boss chimed in, “Yeah, we didn't receive too much stock today so we'd sold out in a jiffy. Y'all kids best talk it out, or see if this handsome chap here would give one up to you!”
  • The toasty fermented bean curd was ready by the time we were done chatting. I swallowed hard when I saw the lady boss swiftly tossed in some forks and napkins while she bagged the two servings, one of which the boy passed along to me in turn. “Here, this one's on me!”.
  • I was a little reluctant to accept a treat like this from a complete stranger, and for no good reason, at that. Thus, I promptly waved my hand. “It's okay! I live in the neighborhood and could always come by next time.”
  • Without awaiting his reply, I picked up my pace to depart.
  • I was stunned when I turned to regard him, as I did not expect that he would catch up and seize me by the wrist.
  • “Yes?” I asked politely while I withdrew my hand.
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