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Chapter 52 Never Ever Betray Me

  • “Mr. Augustus, the wound has been bandaged. Ms. Whitlock got lucky. Otherwise, Mr. Adler's cane would've caused much more serious damage,” someone was speaking when my head was spinning.
  • “Will it leave a scar?” Augustus' low voice rang out, and my heart settled down in peace.
  • “She's young, so the wound should heal nicely. In usual circumstances, it won't leave a scar.” After a pause, the man continued, “Even if it leaves a scar, it will be easy to get rid of it as the technology is advanced nowadays. Don't you worry, Mr. Augustus.” His voice was calm and convincing.
  • After a soft rustle, peace was restored.
  • I slowly opened my eyes as my vision became clear. Turns out Augustus had brought me home.
  • “Mr. Adler,” I parted my lips and croaked out. My throat was dry by now, so my voice was hoarse.
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