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Chapter 51 Julius Adler

  • Finally, Julius appeared in our sight.
  • I found him different from the artist which I had expected. When I was young, the artists on TV would have long hair and scruffy beards. They would be decked in casual but unruly clothes. Julius had a completely different air around him. He looked like an ordinary university student to me with his short hair and simple outfit. He seemed friendly to me.
  • The moment he spotted me, he came to a stop in surprise. Flashing a friendly smile at me, he revealed his white teeth and asked, “Hello! What is your name?”
  • I smiled politely in return and was about to reply when Augustus interjected with a frown. “Her name is none of your business.”
  • It seemed like the brothers were on bad terms. I recalled how complicated a wealthy family was, and decided not to interfere in their business. If I accidentally made Augustus angry, he would teach me a lesson once we reached home. Hence, I didn't reply to Julius' question.
  • “By the way, how did your photography exhibition go, Julius? A friend of mine told me you weren't just fooling around. You mean business this time. Is he right?” Kristoff was talking casually to Julius. That wasn't how he treated Augustus earlier on, though.
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