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Chapter 50 Dinner At The Adler Residence

  • On the way to the Adler residence, Augustus was quieter than usual. I didn't ask questions. Anyway, I would get to know how many family members he had and whether they were nice once we arrived at our destination. Even if he had a bunch of relatives who wouldn't stop troubling me, so what? My job today was to be an annoying arm candy. I shouldn't be thinking about other stuff.
  • Augustus' house was simple and elegant, and he had moved out of the Adler residence, where Kristoff currently resided. It was located at the end of a dark lane. The exterior itself was enough to show how luxurious the mansion was.
  • Colter wasn't driving us today. I sat in the passenger's seat and saw the butler opening the gate outside the mansion for us. After Augustus parked the car, he welcomed us into the mansion.
  • “Mr. Augustus, you're finally home for dinner. Your father has been waiting for a long time,” said the butler with a pleasant smile. Seeing how friendly he sounded, I guessed he must've watched Augustus grow up.
  • Augustus gave him a nod. “I've been busy recently.” His tone was still indifferent as usual, but I knew he was being pleasant in his own way.
  • “Mr. Augustus,” the butler spoke haltingly as he gave me a glance. “Ms. Yarlett has arrived for some time. Mr. Adler is old, and the family doctor has been frequenting the residence a lot recently. Be good and don't make him mad.”
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