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Chapter 5 Fight

  • When dawn came and the bar closed, a fight broke out between Yvette's girls and our side.
  • Summer had been sick of Yvette's attitude for a long time. After the incident on that night, she could no longer suppress the anger in her.
  • Women's fights were much simpler than men's. They only grabbed each other's hair and pulled it until the other parties started crying. Those with long nails would aim for their opponents' faces as they attempt to disfigure them.
  • As we were working in a bar, it was taboo to hit the face. However, now that Summer and Yvette had a falling out, no one could stop them. Moreover, Yvette had more people than us, so I ended up being scratched in multiple places while trying to stop them.
  • I was already frustrated, and the fight did nothing to calm me down. Thus, I was really provoked and kicked Yvette in the stomach. The moment she collapsed onto the ground, I sat on her and began slapping her silly. As I was overwhelmed by anger, Yvette stood no chance against me.
  • The room fell silent as everyone turned to look at us. It seemed like they were not expecting the quiet me to be so ruthless.
  • Yvette was screaming in pain, and when Felicia heard it, she shouted for security to separate us. Still enraged, I continued kicking even when the security carried me away.
  • “This is absurd!” Felicia roared. When the other girls realized Felicia was angry, they sat down quietly, waiting for the scolding that was sure to come.
  • Felicia then walked toward us and the other culprits. Then, she slapped all of us as she cursed, “Bloody hell, it hasn't been long but all you know is to make life difficult for me! From tomorrow onward, none of you will be going to the rooms. You'll all stay outside to serve drinks instead!”
  • “Felicia, look at what Erica did to my face. There are esteemed patrons coming tomorrow! I've been asked to entertain them. How am I going to show my face around them tomorrow?” Yvette whined. Her hair was in a mess from Summer's aggressive pulling, and her face was swollen and red from my slapping. The strap on her dress was torn, and there was also a large patch of dirt on it. The sight of her looked nothing like one of the stars of Phoenix.
  • Yvette waved her hands, irritated. It was evident that she was unhappy about the fact that Yvette was the one who started the fight. Nevertheless, she was also one of her best girls. Hence, there was not much she could say but ask the other girls to bring her back to the dorm.
  • Then, she coldly uttered, “I've told you that when you come to my team, you'll have to listen to me. I'll close an eye to what you've done today for Sonia's sake. However, if you ever do this again, I won't care even if Sonia goes to the boss. I'll make sure all of you are taught a good lesson.”
  • Summer turned away, not wanting to look at her. At the same time, Julia was wiping her tears with her head down. When I looked at Felicia, I realized she was staring at me. There was frostiness directed to me, but I did not know when I had crossed her. Perhaps me beating up Yvette had embarrassed her.
  • After the long night, everyone was exhausted. We helped to treat the scrapes on each other and bandaged the injury on Julia's forehead. Fortunately, it was just a shallow cut, and she would recover in a few days without leaving any scar.
  • Julia seemed dejected. Before she slept, she muttered, “I wonder when days like these would end.”
  • My bed was on the upper deck, and when I heard her, I nodded to myself. That's true. When will days like these come to an end?
  • No one wants to waste their youth in a place like Phoenix.
  • But what choice do we have? Everyone has a reason for getting stuck in this line.